The Secret To Long Term Fat Loss

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the secret to fat loss

70% of adults in the US, and 62% of adults in the UK, respectively are either overweight or obese. One in two adults in the US, and one in three adults in the UK, have pre-diabetes, a condition which if left untreated is likely to lead to diabetes within 5 years.

With rates on the increase in most of the developed world, we are facing a global crisis.

And yet so many people are eating less and moving more. How can this be?

The advice that most people are being given is plain wrong. We can’t control what our bodies do with calories any more than we control the way our heart beats or pumps blood around our body.

Like most functions in the body, weight gain and loss is controlled by the right regulation of hormones.

Can we influence our hormonal expression?


Food is information. And a highly processed, high sugar diet is going to trigger a different hormonal response to a a healthy whole food based diet with good fats, protein and plenty of whole food sources of fibrous carbohydrates.

A highly processed, a high sugar diet triggers insulin.  And once insulin is triggered, it signals the body to store fat.  So to lose fat and keep it off, we need to control insulin.


So how do you keep insulin under control?  A good start is to remove all processed carbohydrates from your diet, but few people can manage this over the long term. 

Does this mean going on a strict ketogenic diet?  Not necessarily.  A true ketogenic diet is so low in carboydrates (5% of total calories or less) that it is unsustainable for many people.  It may also not be the best protocol for many individuals depending on their genetics.  

We are all unique and the healthiest diet for you is a bio-individual diet that works with your personal genetic make-up.  

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