Biomarker TESTING

Optimise your nutrition, lifestyle and health


By testing and tracking your unique biomarker profile you can optimise your nutrition, lifestyle and health and achieve all of your performance goals.  Bio-marker tracking combined with coaching can give you the insight you need to achieve high energy, minimise in tolerances, balance hormones and optimise your health and longevity.  We offer a range of bio-marker testing to suit each individual client’s goals.

Bio-individuality and the science of your genetics

Did you know that genes can be switched on or off depending on nutritional and environmental factors?

The science of nutrition and health and the effect of our environment is evolving and developing all of the time. At Angela Foster Performance we use different forms of scientific testing to establish your health and physical fitness so that we can work with proven techniques to limit your risk of chronic disease and to optimise your results. One of the key testing techniques we use is DNA testing on the key genes that affect our health. Through a simple mouth swab, we can analyse key aspects of your DNA.

Knowing some of the key genes in your DNA can be extremely empowering giving you an insight into factors including:

  • Your sensitivity to saturated fats and carbohydrates and predisposition to heart disease, type II diabetes and stroke
  • Your sensitivity to salt induced hypertension
  • Your detoxification ability and how to limit the impact of cancer causing and other toxins on your body
  • Your antioxidant profile and needs
  • Your personal Omega 3 requirements
  • Your predisposition to obesity and obesity related diseases
  • Your Vitamin requirements including B vitamins and vitamin D
  • Your caffeine tolerance and effect on the heart
  • Your alcohol tolerance and its impact on your (good!) cholesterol levels
  • Your propensity to Lactose Intolerance and Coeliac Disease
  • Your sports profile in relation to Endurance and Power
  • Your Recovery Profile and Injury Risk

With this information we coach you on how to optimise your nutrition and environment to promote energy, performance and longevity.

Angela Foster offers a range of blood testing, food intolerance testing, hormonal testing and microbiome testing for gut health depending on your unique needs.




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