Finding Your Power; Interview with Kiki Bosch Ice Freediver & Global Adventurer

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It’s easy to see ourselves as separate and distinct from nature when in reality we are not’

Kiki Bosch is an Ice Freediver who uses the Wim Hof breathing method to dive in sub-zero temperatures.

Kiki shares her journey and speaks candidly about how she found peace and understanding following a traumatic event. She shares how it feels to be in the water at sub-zero temperatures and the connection it brings to nature. This is an episode about the power we all have to realise our potential if we learn to understand who we are.



I have always been very water-bound,  loving water from a very young age. I had the opportunity to have a go at free diving in Columbia and fell in love with it!

I experienced a trauma and following it became very anxious and struggled mentally. I didn’t know how to navigate life anymore.

I came across Wim Hof in a video saying his method could make you happy and healthy and I wanted that more than anything at that point in my life.

I tried and when I went into the cold water there was no anxiety just the present, breathing and my body moving through the water with no anxiety.

Being at one with nature

Over time nature has taught me so much, it’s about being in the water and being able to explore in a unique way.

In extreme environments it’s a reflection of yourself, nature is reflecting who you are.

We are nature as much as everything else out there.

It is about understanding that nature is not out there it’s part of who I am it’s within me.

Wim Hof

Wim Hof breathing is a method of controlled hyperventilation, you breathe in through your nose deep into your stomach, activate your diaphragm and breathe out quickly.

The hyperventilation rids your body of CO2 and fills your body with oxygen then in retention the CO2 builds steadily making it easier for your muscles to draw up the oxygen from your blood.

Periaqueductal grey matter is activated with Wim Hof breathing and this sends a message to your brain to regulate pain.

You are activating your own pain inhibitors with this breathing method.


Following my  trauma I have learnt that I will never understand how a person can hurt someone in that way without feeling guilty and I have realised that I’m so lucky to not be able to understand, it means my mind isn’t even able to imagine what it would feel like and I feel grateful for that.


My biggest mentors are nature and Wim Hof.  You can’t be what you can’t see and very few people have visions strong enough to chase what’s not yet out there and Wim Hof is one of those people.

He had a vision strong enough to defy the status quo and it paved the way for us to realise the huge potential that is within us.

You have to realise you can, you do have the power.

Disturb the Comfort!


‘It’s about becoming mindful of your body in space’

‘I’m so grateful I have a mind that is compassionate and understands consequences’

‘Over time I have realised we are all connected to nature and to each other’

‘I was at a point where I had to find the power within


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