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Dark Calories - Addressing the Root Cause of Oxidative Stress, Cardiovascular Disease and Inflammation with Cate Shanahan, MD

Angela talks to Dr. Cate Shanahan about her book "Dark Calories" and the misconceptions surrounding cholesterol, heart health...


Angela talks to Dr. Cate Shanahan about her book "Dark Calories" and the misconceptions surrounding cholesterol, heart health, and the impact of vegetable oils on the body.

Dr. Shanahan emphasises the role of oxidative stress as the root cause of various health issues and explains how vegetable oils contribute to this stress. She delves into the importance of understanding the chemistry behind nutrition, debunking myths about protein consumption, animal products, and the inflammatory effects of dairy

Key Takeaways

Oxidative stress is the root cause of many health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and dementia.
It is essential to focus on reducing oxidative stress by avoiding vegetable oils and consuming foods rich in antioxidants.
Dr. Shanahan highlights the harmful effects of vegetable oils, particularly seed oils like corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, sunflower, safflower, rice bran, and grapeseed oil.
These oils are highly processed, lack nutrition, and can deteriorate into toxins, promoting oxidative stress in the body.
It’s vital to understand the link between cholesterol phobia and the rise of vegetable oils in the food supply.
Animal protein does not cause oxidative stress and is essential for building blocks like amino acids needed for various bodily functions.
A balanced intake of animal protein is beneficial and does not inherently lead to inflammation or oxidative stress.

Best Moments

"The root cause is this state of chemical imbalance called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the thing that kills us all."

"People get really, really confused that they don't seem to have a higher protein diet, that it was kind of occasional and this idea that ancestrally we wouldn't have had access and we would have been foraging and occasionally we would have killed an animal."

"The key mistake in what has been envisioned so far is they've decided that LDL particles are just bad and that LDL should not be in our bloodstream."

“Protein does not cause oxidative stress. Now, an imbalance might, like if we're eating so much protein that we don't get other nutrients."


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