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About Me.

Angela Foster is an award winning Nutritionist, Health & Performance Coach, Speaker and Host of the top rated global podcast, High Performance Health. She is also the creator of BioSyncing® a unique program designed specifically for women who want to optimise every aspect of their physical, mental and spiritual health for high performance in business and life.

As a former partner in a large law firm, Angela is no stranger to the demands of long working hours and a high-pressure environment. Angela left the world of corporate law after a serious illness in 2014 and used integrative health practices and biohacking to rebuild her physical, mental and spriritual health. After working with thousands of women, Angela has found that optimal health is the foundation of high performance.

When going on her own health journey, Angela struggled to find all of the information she needed in one place. With so much information it felt confusing and overwhelming. So in 2022, Angela launched her women’s biohacking membership, The Female Biohacker Collective, to give you the Health Coach in your pocket. 

The Female Biohacker Collective is an exclusive community of women and provides you with the latest science, biohacks and expert tools you need to step into your most empowered future self by embracing and syncing with your female physiology.
To learn more about how you can be part of a global community of female biohackers empowering each other, click here.

Angela is a functional nutrition practitioner and executive health & performance coach.

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