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Below are the top products and biohacking tools that Angela loves and uses herself.
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Upgraded mineral deficiency, heavy metals & metabolism testing, 7 in 1 testing solution.

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Athletic Greens – Angela’s favourite all-in-one greens, multivitamin, adaptogenic, prebiotic and probiotic nutrition. 

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A range of supplements to help you achieve a biologically optimized state of health. Covering your mind, brain, gut, digestion, body and aesthetics. Get 10% off with code ANGELA10

Angela uses this range of regenerative skin therapy beauty products that are bio engineered using a patented method to correct the cellar damage that has accumulated over time.

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Enhance fat burn, lose weight and boost energy naturally using a Lumen device.

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Order now and experience better sleep, wellbeing and faster recovery today!

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Combining a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) with an easy-to-use app to help you find the right foods and habits for your body.

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100% wildcrafted, foraged mushroom tinctures ensuring the highest potency designed to aid your sleep, immune system, gut health, energy and longevity

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Improve your health, wellness, longevity, beauty and skin health with BioLight’s high-quality, affordabe red/near-infrared light therapy panels.

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Angela loves this organ based seasoning, it is a simple and delicious way to increase the nutritional value of everything you eat!

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A range of supplements to improve cellular health and promote brain function, improve gut health, support immunity and protect our cells.

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Test to discover precise food and supplements you need to restore your microbiome health. Receive custom-formulated supplements that are tailored to your test results. 

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A Powerful NAD+ supplement in capsule form to support cellular function, maintain your health and performance and enhance longevity.

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Optimise your health with the world’s most personalised Swiss-made supplements designed to enhance longevity and improve quality of life.

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Test & Optimise Your Mineral Levels, Detoxification Pathways and Metabolism with Upgraded Labs Hair Mineral Testing & Upgraded Formulas

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