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Alzheimer’s is Optional!
Patrick Holford
on How to Upgrade Your Brain

Angela welcomes Nichola Conlon to talk about the critical molecule NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) and its importance for the human body.

Nichola provides a comprehensive overview of NAD, highlighting its crucial roles in energy production within cells and as a signaling molecule for cellular maintenance and repair. Angela and Nichola also look into how NAD levels decline with age, impacting energy levels and cellular health, ultimately contributing to the aging process


Angela welcomes Patrick Holford who’s discussing the importance of nourishing and protecting the brain for optimal health and performance.

He delves into the intricate workings of the brain, emphasizing the significance of omega-3 DHA, phospholipids, and B vitamins in maintaining brain health. He also highlights the role of homocysteine as a biomarker for various diseases, the impact of B vitamins on methylation, and why he believes the onset of Alzheimer's may be something that we can do something about.

Key Takeaways

The brain is over 60% fat, with omega-3 DHA being a key component that attaches to phospholipids, essential for brain function and structure.
Elevated homocysteine levels are linked to a range of conditions, including neurological disorders, heart disease, and cancer, making it a vital marker to monitor for overall health.
B vitamins play a crucial role in the methylation process, which is necessary for incorporating omega-3 into the brain. Proper methylation is vital for cognitive function and overall brain health.
Understanding how to change behaviours related to diet, lifestyle, and supplementation is crucial for preventing cognitive decline and reducing the risk of various diseases.

Best Moments

"Your brain currently has to be underperforming because you didn't know what it was that you need to optimally nourish your brain."

"The recommendation for children is to eat fish twice a week. Less than 5% of children achieve even that."

"I can't believe it's ignored. It's never on like a standard doctors or even like a pupil health check."

"The single hardest bit is not finding out what is the problem, which we, of course, will do."


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