Angela Foster Performance Podcasts - Episode 217

EP 217: Bitesize Biohack: Create Your Vision Board AND Realise Your Dreams in 2023 with Dr Tara Swart

Angela revisits her conversation with Dr tara Swart, who emphasises the value of vision boards, and why they might be the key to accelerating your goal plans for the year ahead.


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Unlock the Keto Code (Without Actually Going Keto) and Turbo-Charge Your Metabolism - with Dr Steven Gundry

Dr Steven R. Gundry is an American physician and low-carbohydrate diet author, most famous for his book ‘Unlocking the Keto Code’. He is also the founder of Gundry MD, dedicated to dramatically improving human health, happiness, and longevity through his unique vision of diet and nutrition.

Dr Steven joins Angela to talk about mitochondrial uncoupling, specifically how you can eat certain foods designed to turbo-charge your metabolism, effectively wasting calories, enabling you to support energy and vitality while supporting fat loss at the same time.

Key Takeaways

  • You have to do something small at least once a day in order to reach your goals. It’s incremental, but you must move forward always.
  • Neuroplasticity states that your brain can grow and change at any age, at any stage, and at any mindset. This proves how amazing we are.
  • Once a year resolutions are doomed to fail as they require complete upheaval, whereas small wins acted upon constantly will retrain our brains.

Best Moments

‘The science that underlies manifestation is neuroplasticity’

‘For people who are very stretched in life, it’s easy to let things go by the wayside’

‘The next stage is deliberate practice’

About the Host

Angela Foster

Angela is a Nutritionist, Health and Performance Coach. She is also the Founder and CEO of My DNA Edge, an Exclusive Private Membership Site giving individuals the tools and bio hacks needed to optimise their genetic expression for optimal health and performance.

After recovering from a serious illness in 2014, Angela left the world of Corporate Law with a single mission in mind:

To inspire and educate others to live an energetic, healthful and limitless life.

Angela believes that we can truly have it all and has spent the last 5 years researching the habits and routines of high performers, uncovering age-old secrets, time-honoured holistic practices and modern science to create a blueprint for Optimal Human Performance.

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