High Performance Health Podcasts - 245

EP 245 - Are Screens Slowly Destroying Your Sight? Blue Light Exposure and Eye Health with Dhruvin Patel

Dhruvin Patel is an optometrist and founder of Ocushield, pioneering blight filtering technology so as to improve eye health and sleep, leading to a more fulfilling life in general.


Dhruvin Patel is an optometrist and founder of Ocushield, pioneering blight filtering technology so as to improve eye health and sleep, leading to a more fulfilling life in general.

Dhruvin talks to Angela about the choices we can make on a daily basis to ensure that we are not slowly and insidiously destroying our eyes and our health, and the profound long term effects that can result if we do not begin to take better care.

Key Takeaways

With the rise of computer working, many have failed to consider the long term damage being done by blue light emitted through our displays. Ocushield technology can eliminate this risk.
UV protection is vital, even in places such as the UK where it's generally overcast. Just because it's cloudy, doesn't mean that plentiful UV light is not still being emitted.
Even though we may believe that we can see very well, weaker eyes are propped up by healthy ones, so ill effects may be masked until it's too late.
From a blue light perspective, it's wise to begin now in the implementation of filtering technology in schools, or we may be facing a health crisis en masse in the future.

Best Moments

'Many of us are not as aware as we should be about the things we do on a daily basis that may be damaging our eyes'

'UV light can contribute towards cataracts'

'I really want to help people - to make an impact'

'On average, children are using screens for upwards of six hours per day!'


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About The Guest

Whilst studying Optometry at university, I launched the development of the initial product offering at Ocushield - blue light filtering technology that make eyes healthier, improves sleep and makes people happier.

Currently deploying a newly developed online eye screening test, accessible for the flexible workforce via a web URL.

Having received a development grant from City University of London, I built Ocushield into an internationally distributed, MHRA/FDA medically registered product that transformed hundreds of thousands of peoples eye health and quality of life.

From humble beginnings to building Ocushield, getting featured on Dragons' Den (and winning over Peter Jones & Tej Lalvani in the process), Forbes, The Guardian & USA Today - talking about eye health and blue light, it’s been an entrepreneurial journey full of ups and downs and yes a lot of lessons and joys.

At Ocushield, we have helped over 300,000 eyes in over 70 countries with our products to protect their eyes.

We envision a world aware of eye health in the times of the booming digitisation and the accompanying eye strain thus helping people develop healthier eyes and happier lives.

About Angela

Angela is a Nutritionist, Health and Performance Coach. She is also the Founder and CEO of My DNA Edge, an Exclusive Private Membership Site giving individuals the tools and bio hacks needed to optimise their genetic expression for optimal health and performance.

Angela believes that we can truly have it all and has spent the last 5 years researching the habits and routines of high performers, uncovering age-old secrets, time-honoured holistic practices and modern science to create a blueprint for Optimal Human Performance.

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