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Bitesize Biohack: 5 Key Biohacks for The Best Skin, Hair and Nails with Rachel Varga

Angela presents a portion of her interview with Rachel Varga, in which they cover five key aspects: air, water, lighting, electromagnetics, and detoxing.


Angela presents a portion of her interview with Rachel Varga, in which they cover five key aspects: air, water, lighting, electromagnetics, and detoxing. Rachel stresses the importance of reducing stress and implementing cold therapy, sleep, saunaing, grounding, and clarifying techniques, as well as specific biohacks such as red light therapy, peptides, sunlight exposure, and fresh air.

Key Takeaways

The five key biohacks for improving hair, skin, and nails are: reducing stress, cold therapy, sleep, saunaing, and grounding.
Air purification in the home is important to remove mould, VOCs, and other pollutants that can cause skin issues.
Drinking reverse osmosis or distilled water is recommended, as tap water may contain harmful substances.
Structuring and hydrogenizing water can make it more bioavailable and provide antioxidant benefits.

Best Moments

"Dirt, debris, pollution, mould, when they sit on the skin, actually creates oxidative stress and accelerated aging."

"LEDs penetrate 100 nanometers deeper in the skin than what we get outside. So I postulate hair loss, facial pigmentation, accelerated aging, circadian rhythm and balancing."

"The eyes are the first area of the face to show signs of aging. That's why eyelid surgery is very popular for reducing excess footing to the upper lower eyelids for the face to age."


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