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Farm to Table: What's in Your Food with Natalie Kovarik and Tara Vander Dussen

Angela is joined by Tara Vander Dussen and Natalie Kovarik, for a very special episode in which they discuss various aspects of farming and food production, focusing on dairy farming, beef, and poultry.


Angela is joined by Tara Vander Dussen and Natalie Kovarik, for a very special episode in which they discuss various aspects of farming and food production, focusing on dairy farming, beef, and poultry.

They address common concerns and misconceptions surrounding dairy products, such as the inflammatory effects of dairy and the presence of hormones, and the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed beef, the labelling confusion in the poultry industry, and the impact of different farming practices on the environment, emphasising the importance of food choice and transparency, encouraging listeners to make informed decisions based on their own preferences and values.

Key Takeaways

There is ongoing research suggesting that milk does not cause inflammation, but the effects may vary depending on factors such as added sugars.
Hormones naturally occur in dairy products, but the concern is more about added hormones. In the United States, RBST is no longer used in milk production.
Homogenisation is a process that breaks up the cream in milk to create a consistent texture. Non-homogenised milk may require shaking before consumption or may have cream that rises to the top.
Grass-fed, grass-finished beef may have higher omega-3 content compared to grain-finished beef. However, the omega-3 content in milk is generally low, regardless of the type of cow or diet.
Food labelling can be confusing, and it is often more helpful to directly source food from local farmers to ask questions and gain transparency about the farming practices.

Best Moments

"There is a lot of new research that is really positive in milk, not causing inflammation, depending on, you know, are you adding, you know, sugar to it as a chocolate milk, all these different things that you can or cannot do."

"I think if you have the means and access to supporting local and buying direct from the farmer, I think that's kind of the point, right? Cause then you can ask all those questions."

"I think sometimes we get so in the weeds about the conversations of, you know, like you said, Omega threes versus Omega sixes. And, um, and we kind of lose sight of the big picture, which is, you know, meat is one of the most, um, milk to, you know, whole, whole animal proteins are one of the best things we can put in our body."

"So there's a lot, I think when it comes to the environment part, that isn't necessarily true about, um, practices. And then also I think we're really, really losing sight of, um, what are, what actually happened to our bodies."


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