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Stop Training Like A Man! The Science on Working With Your Hormones for Extraordinary Results with Dr Stacy Sims

Angela is joined by Stacy Sims, who discusses the updated science and recommendations for women's health and fitness, specifically focusing on the menstrual cycle, perimenopause, and postmenopause.


Angela is joined by Stacy Sims, who discusses the updated science and recommendations for women's health and fitness, specifically focusing on the menstrual cycle, perimenopause, and postmenopause.

She highlights the importance of adapting exercise and training strategies to accommodate the changes in hormone levels and body composition during these stages. Stacey emphasises the need for a personalized approach, taking into account individual experiences and tracking of the menstrual cycle. She also discusses the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training (SIT) for women, as well as the importance of resistance training

Key Takeaways

Hormone therapy, also known as menopause hormone therapy, is a tool that can help mitigate symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, sleep issues, and vasomotor symptoms.
However, it does not replace the need for lifestyle changes to improve body composition and overall health.
Women in perimenopause and postmenopause should focus on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and sprint interval training (SIT) to stimulate glycolytic activity and enhance mitochondrial health. T
his type of training can be done through various exercises, such as running, cycling, rowing, or plyometric movements.
Resistance training, particularly power-based exercises like deadlifts, squats, and shoulder presses, should be a consistent part of a woman's exercise routine.
Periodizing resistance training can help target specific muscle groups and prevent boredom.
Supplements like black currant juice concentrate, tart cherry juice, creatine, omega-3s, and vitamin D can be beneficial for women's health.

Best Moments

"We have to look at getting some more oxidative capacity. So that's when zone two might come in handy”

"So when we're looking at mitochondria and function, that is all about that high-intensity glycolytic stuff that we're women don't have a lot of so then it causes an up regulation of the Transport mechanisms “

"We have two weeks of focus training and then one week of full recovery. And in that recovery week, this is your mobility”

"If you're doing two weeks on one week off, or you're doing three weeks on one week off or whatever it is, you have a six week focus of maybe deadlift or all posterior chain."


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About The Guest

STACY T. SIMS, MSC, PHD, is a forward-thinking international exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist who aims to revolutionize exercise nutrition and performance for women.

She has directed research programs at Stanford, AUT University, and the University of Waikato, focusing on female athlete health and performance and pushing the dogma to improve research on all women.

With the unique opportunities, Silicon Valley has to offer, during her tenure at Stanford, she had the opportunity to translate earlier research into consumer products and a science-based layperson's book (ROAR) written to explain sex differences in training and nutrition across the lifespan. Both the consumer products and the book challenged the existing dogma for women in exercise, nutrition, and health. This paradigm shift is the focus of her famous "Women Are Not Small Men” TEDx talk.

About Angela

Angela is a Nutritionist, Health and Performance Coach. She is also the Founder and CEO of My DNA Edge, an Exclusive Private Membership Site giving individuals the tools and bio hacks needed to optimise their genetic expression for optimal health and performance.

Angela believes that we can truly have it all and has spent the last 5 years researching the habits and routines of high performers, uncovering age-old secrets, time-honoured holistic practices and modern science to create a blueprint for Optimal Human Performance.

Angela is a functional nutrition practitioner and executive health & performance coach.

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