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Neuroscience: Upgrade and Protect Your Brain with
Dr Tommy Wood

Angela is joined by neuroscience expert, Dr. Tommy Wood, who shares insights on building a better brain and optimising cognitive function across the lifespan.


Angela is joined by neuroscience expert, Dr. Tommy Wood, who shares insights on building a better brain and optimising cognitive function across the lifespan.

He discusses the importance of exercise on brain health, the impact of different types of exercise on cognitive function, and the benefits of separating tasks to maximise productivity. They also look into the concept of cognitive gears, the effects of multitasking, and the significance of incorporating low cognitive gear activities to unwind before bedtime.

Key Takeaways

We need to emphasise the importance of structuring the workday to optimise productivity by chunking tasks based on cognitive gears and personal energy rhythms.
Multitasking, especially when it involves complex tasks, can be detrimental to cognitive performance and learning. Focusing on one task at a time is more effective for deep work and skill acquisition.
Engaging in low cognitive gear activities, such as repetitive tasks or household chores, can provide a cognitive break and recharge the brain.
Prioritising deep work in the morning when energy levels are high and saving less demanding tasks for later in the day can enhance overall productivity.
Maintaining a balance between focused work, breaks, and low cognitive gear activities throughout the day can help optimise cognitive function and prevent burnout.

Best Moments

"I think there's a few different ways to think about this”

“One measure that I really like is the cognitive gears, which is something that a former colleague of mine, James Hewitt, has kind of popularised. He puts us into three main brain states or cognitive gears and actually relates them to exercise."

"I can imagine at that point, right, you're unplugging, you're going to spend time with your partner. If you then go back to work, that's going to create a whole new buzz of energy."

"The kind of multitasking that humans are very good at is parallel processing multiple complex related skills at the same time."


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