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Bitesize: How to Reinvent Yourself with John R Miles

Angela talks to John R Miles about the theme of rising above self-doubt and how to reinvent yourself in a rapidly changing world.


Angela talks to John R Miles about the theme of rising above self-doubt and reinventing oneself in a rapidly changing world.

They emphasise the importance of authentic living and breaking away from societal norms to author one's own fulfilling life story, highlighting the staggering statistics on unfulfilled individuals globally and the impending automation of jobs, urging listeners to awaken to the evolving landscape.

Key Takeaways

Embrace the quest for authentic living and rebel against societal norms to define your own standards for a fulfilling life.
With automation on the rise, individuals should focus on their uniqueness and consider paths like entrepreneurship or freelancing to navigate the changing job landscape.
The current education system may not adequately prepare the next generation for the evolving world, emphasizing the importance of developing anti-fragility and passion-driven mindsets.
Novak Djokovic's relentless pursuit of personal mastery and mental toughness serves as a prime example of shaping one's life to mirror inner values and aspirations.

Best Moments

"It's about a rebellion against the societal norms that seem to dictate our lives. It's a refusal to settle for a life that's defined by someone else's standards instead of defining them for yourself."

"I think more and more people are going to end up having to become maybe a solo entrepreneur, a solopreneur where instead of working for these corporations or what have you, you're going to become a freelancer."

"I think for many people, what I notice is the aspect you talk about there in terms of where we might need to reinvent ourselves, but also as a mother of teenage children, I feel like the education system isn't guiding them particularly well."


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