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WildFit: The Diet That Upgrades Your Health, Enhances Human Performance and Protects Against Diabetes with Eric Edmeades

Angela is joined by nutritional expert, Eric Edmeades, who discusses his work with the WildFit nutrition program and the impact it has had on people's lives.


Angela is joined by nutritional expert, Eric Edmeades, who discusses his work with the WildFit nutrition program and the impact it has had on people's lives.

Eric explains his decision to write the book "Post-Diabetic" and the importance of making nutrition programs accessible. He delves into the influence of the food industry on health and the need for consumer behaviour change, as well as metabolic flexibility, seasonal eating, and the lifestyle of the Hadza people.

Key Takeaways

The WildFit program has shown significant results in terms of weight loss, diabetes reversal, and overall health improvement for participants.
Understanding the optimal human diet based on nutritional anthropology is crucial for achieving long-term health and well-being.
The WildFit program incorporates behavioural change dynamics to help individuals develop new habits and transform their relationship with food.
Seasonal eating based on ancestral metabolic modes can lead to better metabolic flexibility and overall health outcomes.
While exercise is important, prioritising proper nutrition over exercise is key for achieving optimal health and body composition.

Best Moments

"I made the decision to go a different route, and that was to do multimedia, so that people could go through a long-term multimedia journey with me."

“You geared this at type one diabetics and reducing the amount of insulin."

"The issue is not whether or not sugar is bad. I would argue that there is bad sugar. No question about that, I would say."

"It's very interesting when you dial it back, I see the same as you, actually you see more fat loss and actually better body composition."


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