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The Optimum Connection of a Healthy Body with a Healthy Mind

Holistic Wellness

Would you like a snapshot of where you are right now in the key areas of your health and wellness?

Go through each question below and rate your answer on a scale of 1-10. Try to answer the questions as honestly as you can without overthinking your answers and go with your gut feeling.

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“Holistic wellness – the dynamic process of becoming aware and making active choices towards achieving the optimum connection of a healthy body with a healthy mind”

Wellness Tracker Questionnaire
Do you eat a nutritious whole food diet that fuels you with energy, including at least 5-7 portions of vegetables and fruit each day, lean sources of protein from quality farming methods including grass fed, pasture raised animals and free range or organic poultry and limit or avoid consumption of processed foods and confectionary?
Do you wake up each morning eager to start the day and fulfil your life’s purpose, knowing that you are consistently taking clear action to achieve your goals and dreams and live a life you love?
Do you enjoy your day to day occupation, make time each week to pursue hobbies and interests and spend time with the special people in your life? On a scale of 1-10 how happy and joyous do you feel?
Do you take time to exercise each week, get up and move your body throughout the day and live an active lifestyle?
How connected do you feel to the people around you? Do you feel part of a community of friends, family, work colleagues or other social or religious group with people that you can trust and rely on?
Do you regularly read or listen to motivational and educational books, magazines, podcasts or other material to better yourself and your knowledge, take online or in person courses to develop/refine the skills you need to achieve your goals, have a life-long love of learning and feel inspired by mastery
I am in great health (including a healthy weight) and feel full of energy, drive and vitality. I rarely suffer with colds or flu and do not experience aches or pains or slumps in energy or productivity.
I make time for the important relationships in my life and feel they are flourishing, those close to me feel they can turn to me in times of need and rely on me
I get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night in a darkened room and I wake up each day feeling refreshed and energised
I earn enough money to enjoy a good and balanced lifestyle and save/invest adequate money for my retirement
I live in the moment and find pleasure in the small things each day, meditate for a minimum of 10 minutes daily and feel fully present and engaged
I generally take things in my stride, but in times of stress I have good stress reduction techniques that I use to bring about a state of calm and avoid being overwhelmed
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